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Many may not know that Joey Arrington drove a race car in the NASCAR series. He is better known for building Dodge Mopar High Performance Hemi and Racing Engines. Some refer to him as the "The Hemi Honcho". He was far better at making horsepower than racing cars so he stuck with what he did best. His dad Buddy was one of the last to race Dodges in NASCAR in those days ('60s thru '80s). When he retired Joey stayed in contact with Dodge for the next few years. In 1991 Dodge made the decision to go ARCA racing and that's pretty much when his relationship with them started. It wasn't too long before they added Trans-Am and things just kept on rolling along for the next couple of years. Then in 1995 the Dodge people decided that they wanted to go truck racing and they called Joey for some parts and a new relationship started.

In 2000 Joey established Arrington Manufacturing, Inc. in Martinsville Virginia which did business as Arrington Engines. Joey built the engines that earned the 2004 and 2005 NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series Manufactures Award and Engine Builder Award, winning Championships with Ted Musgrave and the late Bobby Hamilton.

In January 2011 the racing engine operation was separated from Arrington Manufacturing. Joey along with the race engine shop relocated to Concord North Carolina which is in the vicinity of the top level NASCAR race teams. Joey established Race Engines Plus in the building on Weddington Road previously occupied by Gillett Evernham Motorsports to continue providing Dodge Mopar Race Engines. Chevy, Ford, and Toyota engines are also being built.

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